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Imagine if you could walk up to any craps table anytime, anywhere and be confident that you were going to walk away a winner!  Once you understand the secrets to what is really happening on a craps table, you canít help but gain confidence in your ability to beat the game.

I've played craps professionally for several years now. When I first became interested in the game, like so many others, I began to search for a system or method of play that would allow me to be a long term winner.  I was always professionally minded and was not interested in playing a system that would win sometimes but lose about as often as it won.  Neither did I  want a system that would win a majority of the time but when it did lose it lost back everything it had previously won and then some. I wanted a system which I could play with confidence day in and day out and know that when I counted my profits at the end of the month, I'd have enough money to pay my bills. 

And so the search began. I spent thousands of dollars on worthless systems from promoters who promised me that great riches would be mine as soon as I ordered and began to play their sure fire winning system. What a bunch of BS! Many of them were written by people who had apparently never even darkened the door of a casino, much less knew what they were talking about. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I even fell for a couple of those systems which were supposedly used by old professional gamblers who were retiring and now they were going to pass on their great knowledge of how to beat the craps tables. They were magnanimously passing the torch to a younger generation. These two systems proved to be two of the dumbest and neither one had any chance of being a long term winner.  Not only was I disappointed again but I was becoming pretty angry!

How to beat the game of craps over the long term is a mystery to most players and that includes those who consider themselves to be experts.  For years most everyone, including the experts, has believed that every roll of the dice is independent of any previous roll and that the game is totally random and has no rhyme or reason.  But fortunately the experts are wrong.  Some pro craps players, including yours truly, have known it for a long time but within the last couple of years a group of European mathematicians have proven there really is a connection.  There is rhyme and reason to the game of craps! There is definitely an element of predictability!

Imagine how exciting it will be to understand this game and to possess the keys to beating it! Get your copy of Guru Craps now and begin this thrilling and financially rewarding journey to understanding.

I was doggedly determined to become successful at the game of craps.  In addition to my search for a winning system on the market, I even went to Las Vegas and paid a professional craps player to teach me.  I learned a few things in general about gambling that were helpful, but I didnít get the help I really needed. 

I was also beginning to realize that I probably wasn't going to find a winning craps system being sold on the open market. And to tell the truth, I now had doubts that such a thing even existed.  It was becoming evident that I was going to have to come up with something on my own.  I was also realizing that I was just as smart as any of these guys peddling these junky systems and due to my diligent study, I probably now knew more about the game than they did. I spent literally hundreds of hours collecting data and testing ideas. Although I didn't come up with any definite system that was a long term winner during this period, it was profitable because I found hundreds of things that wouldn't work. And as I studied and studied and practiced and practiced and spent untold hours standing and watching live craps play (as well as playing and mostly losing), without even realizing it I was storing information in my subconscious. Yes, though I wasn't aware of it, I was learning to read a craps table. Eventually I had a real break through or epiphany in this area, but it was one of those sudden revelations that only seem to come after much diligence and hard work. 

During the course of my pursuits, I was blessed to come into contact with two other professional players who each had a big influence on me and from whom I learned a lot. One of the guys spent many hours talking to me about the fine points of the game and I played several sessions with him.  It was a thing of beauty watching him play.  He played a craps table like Eric Clapton plays a guitar. He didnít play any real system, he was just that good at reading a table. 

But it was a chance encounter one afternoon with another pro craps player that really changed everything.  As I watched this guy play, he seemed to know exactly when to bet and what bets to make.  He was hardly ever wrong.  I began asking him questions but he wouldnít talk to me until after he completed his session.  But afterwards he sat down with me and began to show me some things.  In about 45 minutes time I learned more from him than I had learned in all my other efforts put together.  He revealed some tremendous insights on the workings of random numbers.  Looking back now I donít think he really realized the magnitude and importance of the knowledge he had imparted, all he knew was that this is the way things work on a craps table. 

Since then, over the years Iíve come to understand why random numbers tend to behave as they do and Iíve added much knowledge and understanding to the foundation I received that afternoon.

As you probably understand by now, most craps players, including the ď so-called expertsĒ, have failed to understand that random numbers have certain innate tendencies.  When these tendencies are understood, the odds of winning can actually shift from the casinoís favor to the playerís.  You might even go so far as to say that there is no such thing as totally random numbers, at least not the way most people think of them.

How much do you think you could ultimately win from the casinos if you had the odds in your favor?  Order The Guruís Professional Craps System and find out.

A few years ago I began writing a column for an international gambling newsletter, answering questions, and sharing gambling information.  One of the questions I was often asked was, ďWhat system do you use when playing craps?Ē  Because of the great demand for this knowledge and information, I began doing some in depth analysis of my method to see if I could devise some definite set of rules that would enable the average player (perhaps even a novice) to go to a craps table and play and consistently win more than he lost without investing several years in learning the game as I had done. The basic questions were: Could I find a way to help any craps player win more than they lose, no matter what their degree of knowledge or skill? Could I find a way to incorporate basic table reading skills into a system with at least basic mechanical properties? 

Introducing:  The Guruís Professional Craps System

As I've already explained, The Guru's Craps System is the result of years of study and experience. I've seen a multitude of craps systems costing anywhere from $35 to $2500 and I can honestly say that in my opinion, none of them are any better than mine. In fact, I don't believe any are as good, but that's just my opinion. The bottom line is that if any system was better, I would surely be playing it. 

The Guru's Craps System is unique in that it offers a virtual one to one recovery rate from losses. This is very unusual and almost unheard of as far as gambling systems go. The reason this is possible is that your bet selection should actually put the odds in your favor.  With most systems, you have to win 2 or 3 times to make up for one loss. But with my system, you can usually make up a loss by winning the next session. And once you gain experience with this method, you will seldom lose. By following the guidelines laid out, even a novice player should be successful more often than not (and the rules are relatively simple).

The Guru's Craps System is not a system for the impatient player who wants to make a killing. Systems that play for the big "hot roll" or that are designed to make a lot of money at one session will not win over the long haul. Sure, you may have some big days and get that "craps player's high", but if you play that way you will have many more losing days with the discouragement and disappointment that goes with it. My system is designed to bring home consistent wins week after week, and month after month. Sure you will lose sometimes, but as you grow in skill and experience, those losses will become more and more seldom. And if you have the desire and temperament to be a professional gambler, you might even use it to turn pro. 

There is an old adage that says, ďIf you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him to fish, you feed him for life.Ē  What I have done in Guru Craps is to give a systematic foundation for play that will enable even a novice to have the odds in his favor.  Iíve given the craps player a fish to feed him today.  But in addition I have revealed secrets and insights that will change your whole perspective of the game and enable you to make adaptations in your play that you will be comfortable with.  In other words, in Guru Craps, I teach the player how to fish. 

Place your order now and take the first step toward consistent profits at the craps tables.

I never make any guarantees and I'm not going to start now. This is gambling and no one can guarantee your success. No matter what the endeavor, ultimate success depends upon the character of the individual.  But the cost of the method is relatively small and you could win enough at your first session playing $5 minimum bets to pay for the system. In fact Iím sure most craps players have probably lost many times the price of this system at the tables.  

I try to always be a man of integrity. I wouldn't even offer this system if I wasnít sure it could be used as a vehicle to long term success. Sharing my knowledge and experience with my fellow gamblers is a way to give something back and be a blessing to others.  The cost of the system somewhat reimburses me for some of my time spent in research and development and support.  And, there is an old axiom that states, ďThat which comes without cost is not valued.Ē

Iíve been playing and intensely studying the game of craps for many years now.  I think I can say unequivocally that the only way to beat the game long term is to employ the principles revealed in The Guruís Professional Craps System.  Every professional craps player Iíve encountered so far has employed some of these principles to gain consistent wins.  And the bottom line is, if I knew of a better method, I would certainly be using it.  So if you are serious about consistently beating the game of craps, get your copy today! 

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